You've heard the scare stories about the end of the world. Will it be caused by a colossal asteroid, a supervolcano or a killer plague? What would it be like to live in the aftermath, or would you prefer not to survive at all? In The Lucifer Bug I take one such scenario and develop it to explore how events might unfold. Would society descend into anarchy, where only the most ruthless stay alive? Would our level of civilisation return to the stone age? Or is there a possibility of new technologies in harmony with nature, where people collaborate rather than compete?

The novel started off purely as a story that developed around an interesting idea, but in the process of writing it became much more than that. I didn't want it to end in a traditional dark post-apocalyptic world where a few survivors wander round in a desolate landscape before eventually dying out. I wanted to find a way through the catastrophe to a different future beyond. To do this I had to work out how the characters would solve the challenges that confronted them, which turned into a major thought experiment about survival.

If you are interested in these questions I suggest reading the novel first, then referring to the site for further information later.  This website is intended to provide supporting material for those who are interested in the themes of the book and want to explore them further. In expanding on the ideas that emerge in the novel I run the risk of spoiling the plot for those who want to ready it purely as a story - which is why I suggest reading the book first!